John H. Brothers

Experienced for over 15 years in performing criminal background screenings in the State of Delaware

What counties can we search in Delaware?

• New Castle County

 • Kent County

 • Sussex County

Any or all counties in Delaware can be searched

What type of searches can we perform?

 • Misdemeanors - higher level traffic offenses (such as DUI and license revocation are reported)

• Felonies

• Civil

What is our turnaround time?

Searches are generally processed within a 24 to 48-hour time span (during regular business days) if received before the close of our business day.  We can process these results via your secure website, email, or by fax.  All results are sent in a secure and confidential manner.

How are names searched?

Each name searched (including maiden names and AKA’s) will be performed as a separate search. Complete names and DOB must be submitted, as Delaware does not permit access to Social Security numbers on public records.